Using the visual editor

The visual JML editor included with Juggling Lab is shown in the graphic below. The editor display is on the right side, next to the juggler display.

visual editor screenshot

The components in the editor display

The editor display shows a spacetime diagram of the pattern, oriented so that time runs vertically (and increasing downward). You can think of this spacetime diagram as an abstract "movie" of the pattern. The spacetime diagram really extends to all times in the past and future, but since all patterns eventually repeat in Juggling Lab, we just show the repeating portion. In the graphic above, visualize pasting another copy of the spacetime diagram immediately below the one shown; you can verify that all of the lines representing paths match up perfectly.

Descriptions of the individual components:

Using the editor

Under construction. For now, just left-click and right-click on everything and you'll figure it out.